Cheap London Escorts One Night Stand

I’ve always been kind of a wild girl never been one to be tied down by a long-term relationship or one guy. Since I can remember have always been up for a good old party and love socialising with lots of different people which is why working for cheap London escorts was the best thing for me.  

I love working for London escorts I get to party every night I get to meet different people in date and loads of different men. And I’m not even fussy about the type of man that I date either as long as we get on we can have a good old laugh I’m down for anyone. I have been really lucky as I had some really exotic erotic and classy dates what’s working here for London escorts.  

I may be biased but I believe I’m one of the most popular escorts in the agency. The receptionist always tell me that everyone calls asking to date me and even new clients ask about me from the pictures that I have up on the website. My reviews are the best out of everyone and I believe I have the most reviews of any other girls at the agency. One of the receptionist from London escorts asked me one day why are you so popular literally every night I’m on shift everyone calls asking for you. The reception starts me what is my secret. What do I do that so different to all the other girls at the agency. If I’m honest I don’t actually do anything different I just genuinely enjoy my job and enjoy spending time with people and meeting lots of different people. I have always said that if you put 100% into your job you get 100% satisfaction. And it’s needless to say that because I put 100% effort into my job my customers and I get 100% satisfaction.  

One day after a long shift at London escorts I went out with a couple of friends to a club. I was kind of tired as it was a long shift however I promise my friends for a long time that I would go out with them so I did. Be in the life of the party as I always am I was having a good old time having a drink and just walking around talking to everybody. I got talking to one guy and one thing led to another the next thing we were literally all over each other in the bathroom stalls. He was such a good kisser and I was just all over him I loved every second. As I got home I laid my head down on my pillow I love to myself as I didn’t even know his name no biggie I was probably never going to see him again. He can just be my mystery man something I’ll tell my friends about at work tomorrow. Well I did tell everybody about my mystery man at work and they all laughed and said typical Leanna always out for a good night. About six weeks later I had noticed that my period didn’t come that mystery man maybe having a mystery baby.