Sex and the Single Mother

Single mommies, more so than anybody, have to be extremely careful about the type of male they select as life-long partners. No reasonable lady desires to be evaluated soley on her appearence or sex appeal? Moreoever, who would even desire a male primarily interested in sex without a genuine commitment, right again?
For starters …
Check out in between the lines.
A smart person once stated, Words bring a little weight, however actions genuinely expose the entireity of a matter. When you meet a brand-new person, be especially observant of the kinds of things he talks about.
Where’s the fire …
Be wary of physical contact early in the relationship. Someone who is extremely “touchy” after knowing you for a short quantity of time might have less than honorable motives. Yes, some guys are “touchy feely” with women. But think for a moment, if you wed a man who can’t keep his hands to himself, you are asking for trouble!
Let get real, here. As single moms, it’s only natural to delight in the attention of guys, but do not enable loneliness or insecurity to propel you into a relationship that may bring discomfort later. You are far too precious for that, single mother.
Take your time with the physical stuff. Approach the dating relationship the same way you would with a platonic buddy. Save the kissing or hugging till you actually understand the man.
Don’t be the type woman that every guy in the area understands what it’s like to kiss and squeeze. Even if he says he loves you, keep in mind that love waits. Love is client, love is kind and real love will never disrespect you.
His strategy is first marriage and then sex after the legal, psychological and spiritual dedication. He enjoys you and desires to spare you unnecessary grief.
There is forgiveness … If for whatever reason, you have participated in a sexual relationship outside of marriage comprehend that God still enjoys you. Our blunders do not make Him love us any less. He desperately wishes to put the pieces of your life back together and make all things new again.
Living life “our way”, assisted by our feelings or feelings, constantly brings disappointment and embarassment. However, God focuses on such wounds. Permit Him to clean your discomfort and eliminate your guilt (read 1John 1:9). If you confess your sin, He WILL forgive it. He’s guaranteed. The next and most crucial action is for you to forgive yourself.
Our children … Our children count on us to model suitable moral requirements. Most wise mamas advise their teens to avoid sex prior to marital relationship. We thoroughly explain to them the threats of sex “now a days”. We share how abstaining secures us versus sexually transmitted illness and undesirable pregnancies. Taking this into account, why should we want anything different for ourselves? Our children are growing up so quick. Our time with them is extremely precious. Let’s not taint it recovering from unecessary love-related heartbreaks. Nothing is worse for children than to see their mamas injured, injured, bitter and dejected.
My mom just recently informed me, (relative to my health) ‘a great mother takes supreme care of herself for the sake of her children’. I think the exact same applies to emotional health. Don’t risk of providing your body and soul away only to be left with an empty bed and broken heart. It really isn’t worth it, single mama.